i imagine even vampires and mastermind ladies would probably enjoy a milkshake (plus or minus a few ingredients)

oh my gosh you drew Fuyutsuki again! i love you! you're so talented an d cool im

I’m glad you liked it!  Believe me, there’ll be more - I love the NERV crew to pieces, aaa~

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HEY at least it’s not ‘Akone Einhard

i love those stories where all the main characters are a one big dorky dysfunctional family.  so here you go.

(from right to left: Isandar, Joanna, Edha, Morov.)

Zihark in the Grann desert level because i have no idea what I’m doing

trying to cough up more garbage doodles

my dash is currently covered in wonderful zelda/zelgan meta (mostly due to corseque + rottenappleheart ), so that definitely revived my latent feelings towards these two!   (plus their WW designs are straight up gorgeous in so many ways.)

color meme #10(ish) → anon

belated OC for a very super patient anon.    Was fun to mix things up with the hellboy vibes - it’s been a longstanding influence of mine.

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Just wanted to say how much I love your art style man ^^ I love how you draw Fuyutsuki <3

eeep, thanks!  :D  glad to hear there’s fans of his around.  (and thank you also for reminding me of that ask blog, it’s been woefully neglected)

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i attempted a thing