i finally got a twitter thing so if you’d like to see updates (and potential WIP shots i might not post here) that way, there you go!

I’d like to think that after London got straightened out, Integra gave Seras and shadow!Pip some time off …  Seras probably has to wear long sleeved jackets + always be touching pip given the whole …vampire …. shadow .. arm.. thing….  but they work it out because derpy cuties. : >

Overdue commission for a kind soul on dA - I love how the lighting turned out, though!  It’s their clone OC after Order 66 was given … feels, man.

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submission for Unsounded's fanart contest!   I wanted to do something all ~symbolic~ and significant in tribute for Ashely’s amazing work of art (and storytelling) but um … all i can say is this webcomic knows how to cater to their audience.

…. so stoic shirtless silver-haired bishies in subterranean ruins it is.  (say that five times fast.)

dad!card strikes again …  (x)

hellsing manor shenanigans.

We’re all running out of time, some of us faster than others. Time’s the one thing you can’t buy, bribe or steal when you need more.  - True Colors

Mini headcanon that Zaeed never goes to the sick bay (either out of ego or whatever, idek), so Shepard gets fed up with his shit and patches him up.  Plus or minus a few bottles of alcohol.


ike’s grumpy face is adorable.

(some explanation for the sudden update below the cut!)

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you know those ships where all you need is a gif and you’re sold?